Quick Service

Quick Service

Engine Tune-up

  • Spark plugs, high tension wires, air and fuel filter replacement
  • Injector cleaning with programming


  • Replacing pads and shoes, machining or replacing rotors and drums, caliper kits, wheel cylinders, master cylinder and flexible brake hoses

Air Conditioning & Electrical Repairs

  • Replacing AC compressors, receiver driers, switches, hoses and AC gas service plus all types of electrical repairs

Injector Cleaning

  • Injector cleaning using special equipment without removing them from the engine

Wheel Alignment / Tires

  • Front suspension check and adjustments, replacing tires, wheel alignment and balancing
  • Overhauls and shock absorbers replacement
  • Installation and programming of tire sensors as well as nitrogen inflation


  • Replacing windshield glass, window glass and rear view mirrors